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"It was working fine last time I used it, so it can't be serious."  "It's nine years old, but it's been in storage for 5 years." ..and of course: "It cost over a thousand dollars."

The simple truth is that electronic components age from the day they are made. Some, especially electrolytic capacitors age even faster when not used.  Shop labor is expensive due to the equipment and training we have to have. Many old and / or inexpensive items just are not economical to have repaired.

TV prices have come down to the point that generally, it is less expensive to replace rather than repair 27" and smaller sets. Larger sets that are over 8 to 10 years old are frequently not good candidates either. You may spend half the cost of replacement for only another year or so of service.

Projection TVs over about 7 years may be reaching the end of economical life. The picture tubes (3) in conventional projection sets are driven much harder than standard TVs. By the time they reach 7 years, the tubes generally will not focus sharply any more, and color balance may be very hard to obtain. Repairs on these sets can easily run $400 - $500 or more. Even after repair, the picture may not be up to your expectation. It will still be an old set.  

Before you commit to having that old TV, VCR or Camcorder repaired, take a look at prices on new ones. You will be surprised at how much the cost of consumer electronics has come down since you purchased your current equipment, and how much more you get. 

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Last modified: March 31, 2007