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Rewinders are an item you and your VCR would be better off without. 

To properly rewind a video tape, a specific amount of back tension must be applied during the process. Too much and the tape will stretch. Too little and the next VCR to play the tape may have trouble keeping the tension correct during playback, resulting in possible rolling, pulling or tearing. Very few, if any rewinders control back tension.  A VCR senses the end of tape by recognizing the clear leader at the end. The splice between the leader and the tape must never touch the video heads. Most rewinders simply pull the tape as fast as they can till it hits the end, sometimes breaking the tape, and usually leaving the splice where it could contact and break video heads. Some VCR's react to the presence of clear leader in the wrong place by shutting down (no eject, no play, no functions at all) in order to protect their heads. This may cost you a trip to the shop.

Tension on the video heads during rewind is minimal. Wear put on during this mode is negligible. Please don't put your VCR at risk by using a rewinder.

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Last modified: March 31, 2007