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Many remotes that stop working can be brought back to life using this procedure to "re-boot" them:

bulletRemove the batteries.
bulletPress every button on the remote, one at a time until all buttons have been pressed and released once.
bulletInstall NEW batteries. Even if the old ones "tested" good or were new. We have seen new batteries that were bad, even though they tested ok.
bulletFor original equipment remotes (the one that came with your set), you may need to press the TV or VCR button to select the type of equipment you want to control, then check to see if it works. If so, GREAT.
bulletFor universal remotes made by a manufacturer other than the one who built your set, you will have to re-enter the code for the brand of equipment you have. Then try to control your set. If it works again, congradulations.

If this procedure fails to revive your remote control, you have 3 choices:

bulletTrain the kids or pet to handle the task, or do it yourself the old way.
bulletBuy a universal remote. These are usually less expensive than the original equipment one, and available at the corner drug or electronics store. They generally do not operate all functions. They may work power, channel, volume, but not work menus and other special features. They also have to be "programmed" for your type of equipment, and contrary to what you think "universal" means, they do not work all sets. In rare instances they can actually send signals that can put your set into undesirable modes or cause it to stop functioning completely.
bulletBuy and original equipment replacement for your brand/model set. These tend to be somewhat more expensive, and may have to be ordered by your service agency, but they will do everything your original did, without programming.

Halle's Service, Inc. can special order original equipment remotes for the brands we represent. Special orders must be prepaid, and usually arrive at the store within a week. See our Parts & Orders page for ordering details.

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Last modified: March 31, 2007