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Proper Cool Down
Slow Turn On/Off
Lamp Life
When Not To Repair

Proper cool down is vital to the longevity of 
LCD, ILA, DILA & DLP projection TV

It is extremely important that your TV be connected to a constant power source (not shared or connected through another component) so that the TV can properly cool down (when turned off). Connect the TV to a wall outlet. If the TV is connected to a cable box or other source that completely cuts the power to the TV, the internal fan(s) will not be able to run their proper course. This can significantly shorten the life of the projection lamp, and can cause damage to the optics.

These sets utilize a replaceable lamp to project the images onto the screen, and it is extremely important that this lamp and it's associated optics properly cool down after each use. Internal fans are built in and will continue to run after you turn off the TV's power to insure this cool down process. If you do not have a constant power source for the TV, and the power is completely cut off, the lamp life will be significantly shortened and the optics may be damaged.

Last modified: March 31, 2007