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Airport Security


bulletKeep your Camcorder clean, and in the case when not in use. This helps keep dust and spills out of the mechanism, and cushions it from those unexpected shocks.


bulletIf your camera uses Lead Acid technology batteries, put them away charged, and recharge every 3 to 4 months.


bulletIf your Camcorder uses Ni-Cad or Lithium Ion technology batteries, do not charge them prior to storage. Store them in a discharged, or partially discharged state, and charge them just before they are needed. These batteries will last longer if used regularly.


bulletStore your Camcorder in a cool dry location, in it's case. It should be in a horizontal position to avoid lubricants in the lens assembly migrating to places where they shouldn't be.


bulletOn VHS C format machines, always turn the white gear that sticks out of the side of the cassette in a direction that pulls the tape tight before inserting it in the camera. These tapes are prone to slack, and if inserted that way will tangle or be damaged.


bulletStore your tapes in a clean, dry location, away from magnetic fields. On top of the TV or Stereo speakers are poor choices as strong magnetic fields are associated with these devices and may degrade or erase your precious memories, or favorite movies.


bulletIf your equipment has just been brought in from a cold environment, let it come to room temperature before using it. This avoids problems with condensation. (No, the dew sensor doesn't always react fast enough)

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Last modified: March 31, 2007