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Phoenix, Arizona
est. 1964

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The End of an Era

As of March 30, 2007 Halle's Service is no longer doing TV repairs.

Halle’s Service, Inc has been in business in Arizona for 42 years, and at this location repairing consumer electronics for 35 years. The business has had it’s ups and downs, but for the most part has operated in the black. We have maintained top ratings with our customers and the manufacturers whose products we service

We have changed as the face of consumer electronics morphed into what it is today. In 1973 we opened the doors as a general “fix it” shop. We repaired everything from air conditioners to ranges, radios and TVs. By the time our first Son was born, we were almost exclusively TV service. Judy spent much of her days operating the tube tester with baby on lap. Next it was VCRs, then camcorders and cameras which we eagerly embraced. Those provided a steady volume of work for many years. As they became disposable, we turned our attention back to TV service. These days most of our work is on the latest LCD and DLP, projectors, projection and direct view sets.

Along with the increase in “in home” service, comes scheduling challenges, and dealing with customers who expect immediate service on their expensive products. Instead of spending our days repairing electronics (which is what we do best), we find we spend much of the day on the phone trying to match our schedule with the customers availability. To do this, we generally each put in 60 to 70 hours/week. This is stressful for both of us, and while we do it well, the job satisfaction we enjoyed for so many years is gone.

We are both about to turn 60, and have decided it’s time for a sabbatical, and then a change of employment.  We hope to travel for about 6 months and see some of the places this great country has to offer. Then we will both look for new less stressful employment to keep the bills paid till we can, “hopefully”, afford to retire in about 5 years.

This is not a decision we rushed into. It is something we have been discussing for about a year. After weighing the pros and cons, and a lot of agonizing, we have decided make the leap. I have been told that closing a profitable business is sort of like jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. My response was “the fall should be exciting, and hopefully the parachutes will open”.

We have enjoyed a long and loyal association with our customers and the manufacturers we service for. We will miss all of you.

Lance & Judy Halle

Contact your manufacturer to locate an authorized service center in your area.
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The video and television pages will continue to be available for reference here, under the "Legacy " tabs, but we will no longer be your first and best choice for service.  You can still contact the manufacturer to see if the equipment may be sent to them for service. See Manufacturer Links.


Note: Sony, RCA, & GE and some others no longer support local warranty service on VCRs. Cameras & Camcorders. Those products
must be returned to the manufacturer for service during the warranty period. Click here for details


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Last modified: March 31, 2007